ULCC Safeguarding Policy


ULCC is committed to taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to children’s welfare are minimised.

The Choir recognises its duty of care towards the children to see that all young people’s rights to protection from abuse are upheld.

The Choir recognises that all suspicions or allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

The Choir accepts that all Choir members have a duty of care to abide by this policy and to report concerns. All Choir members and officers are required to familiarise themselves with this CPP document.

Code of Behaviour

The Choir recognises that there may be a necessity for DBS checks in certain situations and will undertake to have these put in place where the need arises.

All children will be treated with respect at all times, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. Any child or young person in performance with the Choir is a valued member of the entire team and as such is of equal importance to any other performer.

At the same time, the Choir expects similar respectful behaviour from the children.


Any expression of concern regarding either a child, or a Choir member, will immediately be reported to the designated Choir members who will in turn report to the Chair of the Choir and in conference with them decide on the most suitable course of action to resolve the problem.

The reported problem will immediately be logged.

Confidentiality for all parties will be maintained at every stage of such an event.

Please see below for named persons and contact details.

Responding to Reports of Abuse from a Child

The Choir notes the importance of being alert to signals of abuse, to the difficulty children may have in reporting it, and to responding appropriately to a child who has a complaint.

Some helpful responses

Dissemination of Policy

New members will be required to familiarise themselves with this policy upon joining the choir.

Designated Persons