Director of Music: Sally Martin-Brown

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The University of London Church Choir (ULCC) is a choir of graduates and students who live and work in and around London. We sing church services at places in and around London where there is either no choir, or where the regular choir is unable to perform. We aim to sing a service or concert every three to four weeks during the University term.

“...the sung delivery was fantastic. The Howells in particular was heavenly.”
(From “The Mystery Worshipper” at The Ship of Fools)


Firstly, and most importantly, the new academic year and our first rehearsal of term is nearly here. Rehearsals start this coming Friday, the 27th of September 2019. If you're wondering about joining us, just get in touch, details are here.

The choir has just returned from its musically satisfying and highly enjoyable summer tour, this year at Gloucester Cathedral, as always singing the evening services of the week and all services on Sunday whilst the regular choir is away for the summer.

Oh, and in case you'd not noticed, we're back online...! After that recent hacking incident (calm... calm... remember Luke 6:37) the Web site is back up and on the Interwebs. It's perhaps not as fully functional as in times gone by but in good shape for the future as we rebuild piece by piece.

Pre-rehearsal in Gloucester Cathedral August 2019
Rehearsing in Gloucester Cathedral August 2019
Rehearsing in Gloucester Cathedral, August 2019

When we've got more dates of events for the new academic year, you'll be the first to know... OK, the Director of Music will be first to know... then the secretary, then perhaps the Webmaster and then, very soon afterwards, so will you. Watch this space... not constantly of course... I'm sure you have better things to do... pop back often. We're not going away (not this time!).

Henry Purcell: I Was Glad.
A recording of ULCC in Liverpool Cathedral, Friday the 26th of August 2016, Evensong

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We would like to welcome all those, whether new to London or not, who would like to join us. If you're interested in doing so or just want to know more about us, please contact us.