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All Together Now

Today's evensong was a mixture of early music, a magnificat Fauxbourdons by Tomkins, a Nunc Dimittis by Victoria and an anthem by Blow.

Here's the Victoria Nunc. We hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow's the choir day off so we hope to see you on Thursday.

Come Together

...and so the tour starts in the fantastic environment of Liverpool Cathedral, a venue so vast that the Lady Chapel (where we're singing the services up until Sunday) is larger than several churches in which we've sung this year.

Liverpool Cathedral Lady Chapel

Restoration to begin the summer

We're so very happy to be back at Stroud Green on the 14th of April to start this year's series of concerts there. This concert concentrates on the English Restoration in the late 17th century, featuring works by Henry Purcell, John Blow and Pelham Humfrey.  Entry is free with a retiring charitable collection. Hope to see you there.

Leaping ahead in 2016

So 2016 has got off to a cracking start. Earlier this month, on the day celebrating Saints Cyril and Methodius (not that upstart Valentine, patron saint of crowded restaurants) we sang both morning and evening services at Portsmouth Cathedral. Many thanks to everyone there for making us so welcome.

The recording of the Stanford Nunc is at the bottom of this blog post. Hope you enjoy it.

Don't knock it until you've tried it.. this case the door knocker on the west door of Durham Cathedral... or, rather, a replica of the original one used to claim sanctuary... except that, even then, that wasn't at all necessary since claiming sanctuary only required that the person be on church lands which were, given the size of church estates, never less than one mile from the west door of the cathedral. Perhaps criminals in those days just had very long arms.

Deep Breath

Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been so busy with services. Also, your Webmaster has been deliberately avoiding the Internet in case he sees any plot spoilers for last night's Doctor Who which he has not yet seen!

Two services sung this morning. Only evensong to go and this choir heads south again. Thanks to all here in Durham who have made this such a good choir holiday.


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