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All Things Must Pass

...and our tour to Liverpool Cathedral must too. We've just sung today's Eucharist and we now have just one service to go before we depart. We would like to thank the Dean and Chapter very much and in particular to Paul Rattigan for such generous hospitality and a very entertaining tour of the building.

Liverpool cathedral ambulatory prior to Eucharist

Magical Mystery Tour

Yesterday's evensong music was on a theme of the English restoration with works by Pelham Humfrey and Henry Purcell. A recording of the anthem is below.

Today's evensong is at the earlier time of 3pm and has music from Stanford, Holst and Vaughan Williams. Hope to see you there.

All Together Now

we're just about to sing our fourth evensong here in the Lady Chapel in Liverpool Cathedral and, at this point in the tour, we're about as large a choir as we're going to get this week so we thought we should stop and take a photo to remember this moment.

Just a quick point... tomorrow and Sunday's eve songs are both at the earlier time of 3pm


...we sang evensong again at Liverpool Cathedral, this time with music more for upper voices (after Tuesday's plainsong-fest). We were also given a short tour of this lovely (and vast) cathedral after evensong when the building was empty.

Here's a recording of yesterday's anthem. We hope you enjoy it.

All Together Now

Today's evensong was a mixture of early music, a magnificat Fauxbourdons by Tomkins, a Nunc Dimittis by Victoria and an anthem by Blow.

Here's the Victoria Nunc. We hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow's the choir day off so we hope to see you on Thursday.

Come Together

...and so the tour starts in the fantastic environment of Liverpool Cathedral, a venue so vast that the Lady Chapel (where we're singing the services up until Sunday) is larger than several churches in which we've sung this year.

Liverpool Cathedral Lady Chapel

Restoration to begin the summer

We're so very happy to be back at Stroud Green on the 14th of April to start this year's series of concerts there. This concert concentrates on the English Restoration in the late 17th century, featuring works by Henry Purcell, John Blow and Pelham Humfrey.  Entry is free with a retiring charitable collection. Hope to see you there.


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