Letter from America - 3

(from our exhausted correspondent upon his return, now awa' to his bed)

After the collective adrenaline rush of yesterday's services at St Thomas' Fifth Avenue, #NYC2017 is now at an end! After the morning Eucharist the choir rounded off its tour with a rapturous Evensong, with music including Dyson's Magnificat in D and Mathias' 'Let the people praise Thee, O God.'

The choir had prepared for its Sunday services in slightly unorthodox fashion, with a Saturday evening meal at a diner whose waiters sing whilst taking your order. Repertoire included familiar songs from Broadway musicals, alongside a few other pieces which - as yours truly observed - were 'probably not by Palestrina.'

The week has not been without its mishaps: a certain bass contrived to miss his return flight last night, and the whole choir was almost thrown out of the Met Museum for singing Bruckner's Locus Iste. But the whole experience will live long in the collective memory of the choir. Our next mini-tour: three days at Salisbury Cathedral in October!