Letter from America - 1

(...from our own correspondent)

Well, the waiting is finally over and the choir has arrived in New York for its first international tour in over a decade. Choir members have travelled from far and wide and there is a great sense of anticipation about the days ahead. Despite various delays and mishaps it appears that all singers have now arrived safely!

The main focus of activity during our visit will be St Thomas’ Fifth Avenue, where we’ll be singing on Sunday, but as an hors d’oeuvre we’ll be singing Evensong this afternoon (10:15pm UK time) at Trinity Wall Street.

The Church, located at the junction of Broadway and Wall Street, is an active Episcopal church with a deep history. In 1697, a little over 70 years after the Dutch settled New York as a trading post known as New Amsterdam, Trinity Church was granted a charter by King William III of England. Today the Church’s own choir, directed by Julian Wachner, is internationally renowned.

Check back here over the next few days for regular updates on #NYC2017!