The University of London Church Choir (ULCC) is a choir of graduates and students who live and work in and around London. We sing church services at places in and around London where there is either no choir, or where the regular choir is unable to perform. We aim to sing a service or concert every three to four weeks during the University term.

"...the sung delivery was fantastic. The Howells in particular was heavenly."
From "The Mystery Worshipper" at the Ship of Fools

We are currently recruiting all voices - come along and try us. There are no formal auditions...

Recent events

February saw a great start to the year. We sang both morning and evening services on Saint Valentine's Day at Portsmouth Cathedral (except there's really no such Saint's day... as any fule kno, February 14th belongs to Saints Cyril and Methodius). Also, our first Study Day of 2016 with the excellent Nicholas O'Neill took place on Saturday February the 27th; it concentrated on music of the English Restoration including the remarkable Purcell motet, Jehovah Quam Multi Sunt Hostes Mei (a piece that could, according to its text, knock your teeth out if you're not careful!).  See details here for our Study Days in 2016 containing more information and contact information.

For our last event of the spring term, we sang the tranditional rite Eucharist Sunday, the 6th of March at Southwark Cathedral.

The summer term began with two concerts, the first on the 14th of April in Stroud Green of purely liturgical music and the second on the 14th of May in Stock, Essex covering a range of styles from serious to... well, less so. We again were back at Southwark Cathedral for a traditional rite Eucharist on the evening of the 1st of May, providing a safe haven away from all that pagan maypole dancing.

What's on

The last weekend in May, in Coventry Cathedral, we shall be singing the Sunday evensong plus both morning and evening Sunday services. Lastly, unfortunately in an event closed to the general public, we shall be singing evensong on the 12th of July in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft within the Palace of Westminster.


Last year, we toured to Bristol CathedralChrist Church Cathedral, Oxford and St George's Chapel, Windsor.

This year we sang at Portsmouth Cathedral on February 14th and shall be singing in Coventry Cathedral on the 28th and 29th of May. The summer tour will be to Liverpool Cathedral. Watch this space for more details.

Thanks for stopping by

We would like to welcome all those, whether new to London or not, who would like to join us. If you're interested in doing so or just want to know more about us, please contact us.

Just another day at the office
Southwark Cathedral - March 2014

Upcoming Events

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